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Despite being new to the sports betting scene in South Africa, Easybet is considered one of the best online sportsbooks by bettors. The bookmarker allows punters to place their bets in sports and live events with just two clicks. This speed and convenience is part of its charm. 

To break into the South African sports betting market that is already competitive, Easybet unleashed several bonuses and promotions. The bonuses are both for first-time users and existing users to enjoy. In this article, we explore the Easybet Promo code in South Africa, tell you how to get it, and how to apply it when betting.

1. List of Existing Easybet Promo Codes for Players

Easybet Promo Codes for Players

Easybet is the leading bookmarker in terms of promotions that are available on the site. The variety of promotions is incredible and is designed to ensure that each punter gets the most out of their betting experience. 

Below is an outline of Easybet promo code 2024;

1.1 Welcome Bonus

Easybet has an incredible welcome bonus for new players offering a 150% match up to R1000. To get this bonus;

  • Register a betting account with Esybet
  • Deposit at least R20 
  • Meet the betting requirements (mainly age over 18 among others)
  • Claim your bonus either by email or requesting on the live available on the website
  • Wait for your bonus to be deposited in your Promo Cash Wallet 

1. 2 No Deposit Bonus

The Easybet R50 bonus is a no-deposit sign-up bonus. This is in addition to the 150% cash bonus available upon registration. To get the funds, all you need to do is register an account and use an Easybet promo code no deposit found on any of Easybet’s affiliate websites. Even without the promo code, Easybet will automatically credit R25 to your Bonus Wallet and an additional 25 Bonus Rounds applicable with the same terms and conditions. The 25 bonus rounds are credited to the Sweet Bonanza slot. 

1. 3 Referral Bonus 

When you refer a friend to Easybet, you earn an R60 bonus bet. The terms for this referral bonus are two;

  • Your friend has to sign up for an account with Easybet.
  • Your friend has to deposit at least R50 
  • To get your bonus, email Easybet at [email protected] then your friend will also need to send an email to the same address confirming the referral. 
  • The bonus will be deposited to your Pomo Cash Wallet

1. 4 Multi-bet Bonus 

This is another gem on Easybet where your multibets get boosted by up to 400%. Easybet adds a winning booster for each leg you place with a minimum odds of 1.25. Your boosts get bigger with each leg you add to your bet. The 400% boost is the largest and is applied when a punter places multibets with at least 50 legs. 

1.5 Tuesday Cashback Bonus 

Easybet offers you cashback every Tuesday in bonus bets applicable on all your net losing bets. The percentage applied depends on the amount you deposit during the month. For deposits over R500, you get 15% in cashback while for deposits from R99 to R499, 10% is applied. Deposits below R99 aren’t eligible for cashback.

2. How to Claim Easybet Promo Codes

With the vast and diverse range of bonuses Easybet offers as outlined above, the next step is to make sure you claim all the applicable ones. This way you save money and improve your overall betting experience. The easiest way to claim your Easybet promo code is through Betmentor. Betmentor offers you a review of Easybet and lists all the available bonuses making it easy to find. With each bonus, Betmentor provides you with a direct link to Easybet to claim the bonus. On top of that, Betmentor also offers promo codes on some bonuses to save you more money. 

How to Claim Easybet Promo Codes

To claim all the above Easybet Promo Codes, follow the steps below;

  1. On your browser, open the Betmentor and search Easybet. This should lead to the Easybet review page on Betmentor. 
  2. At the top of the page, you will find Easybet reviews and the availability status of No Deposit Bonus and Deposit Bonus
  3. Scroll down the section right below where you will find tabs for Overview, Bonuses, User Reviews, Info, and Payments. 
  4. Click on the “Bonuses”. 
  5. Here you will find all the bonuses Easybet offers for South African players. 
  6. Scroll down the bonuses and find the ones that you use. 
  7. To get the bonus applied to your account, click on the “Get Bonus” button on the right side of each bonus box. 
  8. Remember to also check if Betmentor offers a promo code on that Bonus. Write down the promo code to use it on the sportsbook page. 
  9. After clicking “Get Bonus”, you will be redirected to the Easybet Page where you can register for the bonus. 
  10. Easybet will send you the confirmation code to use for the bonus. 
  11. If you have a promo code for the bonus from Betmentor, enter it into the section of the dialogue box “Promo code”. 
  12. Go ahead and register for the bonus. 
  13. Once applied, the bonus will be deposited to your Promo Cash Wallet. 

Please remember if you already have an account with Easybet, you won’t be able to sign up using the Betmentor promo code. Alternatively, you can click on the promotions tab on the top toolbar of the Easybet site to explore all available offers yourself.

3. Important Notes When Using Easybet Promo Codes

When applying Easybet promo codes, here are factors to consider;

  • The welcome bonus is not available if you are already registered on Easybet.
  • To qualify for most promotions and bonuses, a minimum of R20 is required.
  • Make sure you meet wagering requirements to be eligible for Easybet promo codes
  • Promo codes will give you bonuses which can only be used to wager on Easybet. It does not count as real money that you can withdraw and use. 
  • You can’t initiate withdrawals if your account only has promo cash and no real deposited funds. 

4. Why Register with Easybet South Africa?

Despite being a newcomer, Easybet has established its dominance in the South African betting scene. Here are some reasons you should join thousands of other punters using Easybet;

  • The generous welcome bonus of 150%
  • Availability of apps on both iOS and Android
  • Placing bets with just two clicks after Easybet login
  • Live scores are available for in-play matches

Easybet edges ahead of other sportsbooks with its generous offers of bonuses for both new and old players. In the gambling world where losing money is a common occurrence, promo codes serve to cushion the blow for avid punters. When looking for where to start in sports betting in South Africa, you should consider Easybet. 

Published: 17 April 2024 09:58
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