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Hollywoodbets is one of South Africa’s oldest and most popular sportsbooks. Boasting the largest market share of any other sportsbook in South Africa, Hollywoodbets has been in business for over 20 years. Avid users need their betting accounts to be readily accessible whenever needed. Getting locked out of your account can be very frustrating for punters. If you have been locked out of your Hollywoodbets account for whatever reason, this article is for you. 

Keep reading to find out how to reactivate your Hollywoodbets account;

1. Two Ways to reactivate the Hollywoodbets account

When your account is deactivated, you can get it back working in various ways. We have tried these methods to provide you with a step-by-step guide on reactivating your Hollywoodbets account. 

1.1. Reset Password Yourself

One of the easiest ways to reactivate your Hollywoodbets account is resetting your password. This applies in cases where you forgot your password and got locked out after several attempts. 

You can reset your account using two methods;

  • Email
  • SMS

How to reset Hollywoodbets password with Email;

  1. Open your browser, go to the Hollywoodbets official website, and tap on the “Hollywoodbets login” button that is purple. 
  2. Choose “Forgot Password”.
  3. You will be redirected to another page where you will get options to reset using email or SMS. Choose “Email”.
  4. Enter your ID number and email address then click the ‘Reset’ button.
  5. Check your email for a temporary password. Use the temporary password to reactivate your Hollywoodbets account and change it to a new one once you are logged in. 

How to reactivate your Hollywoodbets account via sms;

  1. Click the ‘Login’ button the purple one
  2. Select the “Forgot Password” button 
  3. Choose SMS as the reset option on the page you will be redirected to
  4. Enter your ID number and cell phone number 
  5. Click the “Reset” button
  6. You will receive a text message with a temporary password. Use this to reactivate Hollywoodbets account

Resetting your password by yourself is easy and very quick. It is faster than other methods if you are looking into how to reactivate Hollywoodbets accounts online. This method mostly applies if you got locked out of your account accident

1.2. Contact Customer Support for Help

When you encounter problems beyond your control, it is always best to contact the customer support team for assistance. In some cases, a password reset might not be sufficient to reactivate your Hollywoodbets account. 

You could also be blocked or maybe you don’t have an internet connection to reset the password yourself. 

Here are the Hollywoodbets contact options you can use;

  • Hollywoodbets Live Chat: It is available 24/7. Raise an issue here if you encounter problems
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 087 353 7633

2. Three Ways to Contact the Hollywoodbets Support Team

Reachable support teams are a necessity in sports betting. If anything goes wrong, punters should be able to get their issues resolved. In this case, reach out to the support team for any punter who wants to know how to reactivate Hollywoodbets account in South Africa.

Three Ways to Contact the Hollywoodbets Support Team

There are three ways to reach the Hollywoodbets support team:

2.1. Live chat

Live chat assistance is available when you log into your Hollywoodbets account. The live chat is available 24/7 upon Hollywoodbets login and is manned by a professional staff of Hollywoodbets. Find the live chat at the bottom right of the screen. Message them your issue and a staff member will respond immediately. This is the fastest way to contact Hollywoodbets. 

The live chat isn’t an option if your issue is a blocked account since the live chat only opens when you are logged into your account. This is a security measure by Hollywoodbets to protect the accounts of users. 

This method is best if you want to regain control of your account or need to ask questions about verification among others. 

2.2. Email Support

If you are locked out of your Hollywoodbets account and unable to access the live chat widget, emailing support is your best shot. The Hollywood email address is [email protected]. To reactivate your account, you will need to have your ID documents and account details with you. The support team will require these to verify your identity. 

Using the Hollywood email address is convenient and works to reactivate your account but it is not as fast as the live chat. 

Here are two email templates you can use;

Template 1:

To: Hollywoodbets Support / [email protected]

Subject: Reactivate my Hollywoodbets Account 

Hi Hollywood team, 

I am locked out of my account and would like to have it reactivated. 

Please find my details below to help resolve the issue quickly: 

Email: (email you used when registering

Username: (your username

Phone number: (your telephone number

First and Last Name

I look forward to your help.

Thank you, 

Your Name

Template 2: 

To: Hollywoodbets Support / [email protected]

Subject: My Account Has Been Hacked 

Hi Hollywood team, 

I believe someone else is using my account and I can’t log in. I would like to change my username and password for security. 

Here are my details to help you with verification of my identity:

Email: (email you used when registering

Username: (your username

Phone number: (your telephone number

First and Last Name: 

Please help me regain control of my account.

Thank you, 

Your Name

2.3. Telephone Support

This is a preferred method many users prefer when reaching the Hollywoodbets support team. It is quicker and you get feedback quicker. The general Hollywoodbets helpline is 087 353 7634

A second phone number to reach customer support at Hollywoodbets is specifically for players with betting anomalies. If you placed a wrong bet, needed to cancel a bet, or entered the wrong stakes, call 087 353 7633. 

There is also a WhatsApp number players can use if they run into issues. Contact the Hollywood helpline WhatsApp number at 076 675 0710 to speak to a professional staff. 

The Hollywoodbets call center is available 24/7. However, please note that this number is not toll-free. 

3. Hollywood Locked Account: Main Reason and Solutions

As you learn how to reactivate your Hollywoodbets account, let’s dive into the reasons why your account was locked in the first place. We shall also explore solutions to help you prevent a similar situation from happening in the future. 

3.1. Lost Your Login Information

Main Reason: If you lose your Hollywoodbets login information whether you forgot your password, or changed your cell phone number, you could get locked out of your account. 

Solution: A lost cell phone number or forgotten password is easy to resolve so don’t fret. If you forgot your password, use SMS or Email to reset the password. Enter your cell phone number and you will be given a temporary password to use where you can log in and update your password. 

3.2. Unauthorized Use of Your ID on Hollywoodbets

Main Reason: In the unfortunate incident where your username and password are hacked or stolen by someone, your account could be misused. 

Solution: Change your username and password by logging into your account with your old password and going to “My Account”. Click on “Account Details” and add a new username and password. You could also add a new phone number. 

3.3. Duplicate Account Detected

Main Reason: Hollywoodbets only allows a single account per user so they will delete a second one when detected. To know your account was deleted, a message “client account invalid” will be displayed if you try logging in. 

Solution: Delete duplicate accounts under your name. Go to the “Accounts Closure” tab and enter the reason you want to delete the account and click “Submit”. 

3.4. Failed FICA Verification

Main Reason: FICA verification is required to use Hollywoodbets. If you fail FICA verification, your account will most likely be locked. 

Solution: Submit the correct details for the FICA. Make sure your ID number is clear and provide proof of address that is no older than 3 months. 

3.5. Excessive Login Attempts

Main Reason: If you enter incorrect login details repeatedly, Hollywoodbets will lock your account. This is because submitting incorrect details continuously might look like someone is trying to get into your account illegally. 

Solution: Get a password reset by emailing the Hollywoodbets support team. 

3.6. Violation of Hollywoodbets Terms

Main Reason: Hollywoodbets will lock your account for any kind of bonus abuse, identity theft, or any other violations of the sportsbook’s terms. 

Solution: Make sure to follow the terms and conditions set out by the bookie to keep your account active. In case of deactivation, contact the support team for help. 

3.7. Under Age Gambling

Main Reason: One of the requirements for wagering is to be over 18 years old. Minors are not allowed on Hollywoodbets. 

Solution: You have to be over the age of 18 to qualify for a Hollywoodbets account. Submit your identification documents as proof for verification. 

3.8. Self-Exclusion Policy Implemented

Main Reason: If you wanted a break from betting and signed up for self-exclusion, you won’t be able to access your account permanently or for 6 months up to 5 years.

Solution: If you change your mind and need to revise the terms of your self-exclusion, contact the Hollywoodbets support team. 

4. FAQs

Q1: Why did my Hollywoodbets account close?

Your Hollywoodbets account closed either because of inactivity, duplicate accounts, or bonus abuse. Contact the support team to get your account reactivated. 

Q2: What should I do if my Hollywood account is on hold?

If your Hollywood account is put on hold by support, reach out to them via email or phone. They could issue you with a new temporary password. 

Q3: Can I make a new account if I lost my old one?

Yes, you can make a new account if your old one is lost. Contact the Hollywoodbets support staff for help. Keep your cellphone number at hand for registration. 

Q4: Can two people share one Hollywoodbets account?

No, two people can’t share one Hollywoodbets account. Each account is limited to one user whose phone number was used for registration. 

Q5: Who can help if my Hollywoodbets account gets locked?

The Hollywoodbets customer support staff will supply you with a new temporary password if your account is locked. You can reach out to them via email, phone, or social media. 

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