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Have you ever wondered if there was a trick to win at betting by covering all the bases? Well, there is and it’s called arbitrage betting. Also known as surebets, arbs betting, surewins, or miracle bets, arbitrage betting is a method of placing bets with different sportsbooks to cover all the outcomes. It is one of the best ways to guarantee profits regardless of the results of the game. 

1. Arbitrage Betting Explained: Definition, How It Works & Examples

Gambling relies on the probability that you might win or lose. However, there is a way to make sure you make profits regardless of the results of the match. This is where a little magic trick known as arbitrage betting comes in. Let’s break down the arbitrage betting meaning below;

1.1. What is the Meaning of Arbitrage Betting?

What is the Meaning of Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is the act of placing bets on opposite sides of the same match. This guarantees the punter profits regardless of the outcome. An opportunity for arbitrage betting occurs when sportsbooks hold different views on the outcome of a particular sporting event. With varying views, sportsbooks would offer different odds that reflect the probabilities. 

1.2. How Does Arbitrage Betting Work?

Although it sounds complex, arbitrage betting works in a fairly simple manner. Sports arbitrage betting is when a punter can place two bets on opposite sides of the same sporting event and make profits regardless of the outcome. For this to happen, a bettor cannot use the same online betting company. They will have to place a bet on one of the popular sportsbooks and place the other on another. 

1.3. Arbitrage Betting Examples

Let’s break down how sports arbitrage betting works using the NBA. Imagine there is a game of Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat. Bookmarker A has 1.90 odds for the Los Angeles Lakers to win while Bookmarker B offers 2.19 odds in favor of the Miami Heat.

The arbitrage betting strategy ensures profit regardless of who wins, you can allocate a $500 stake between the two outcomes. Based on the arbitrage betting calculator, your stake in the Los Angeles Lakers will probably be $268.82 while the stake in the Miami Heat will be $231.18. This will bring your total investment to $500. 

In the case of a Los Angeles Lakers win, your total return will be approximately $510.76 leaving you with a profit of $10.76. A Miami Heat win gives you $485.48 in return with a profit of $10.76. 

As you can see, regardless of the outcome of the game, your arbitrage bet assures you of a profit of $10.76. This is an arbitrage betting example

2. How to Find Arbitrage Betting Opportunities

There are 4 different ways to find opportunities for arbitrage betting;

  • Manually
  • Using Software
  • With an arbitrage betting calculator 
  • Sportsbooks promotions 

2.1. Use arbitrage betting software

How to Find Arbitrage Betting Opportunities

This is one of the best arbitrage betting finders. Both free and paid software help you locate opportunities for sports arbitrage betting. Sign up for a free trial before getting a subscription. The software has tools that allow you to compare odds for a wide variety of events in sporting events over many bookmakers and betting exchanges. Once the software detects an arbitrage betting opportunity, it alerts you. 

Some of the main arbitrage betting software used for arbitrage betting are Rebel Betting, OddsJam, BreakingBet, BetBurger, and OddsMonkey. These are also arbitrage betting sites that find opportunities, show the odds, and calculate the profit. 

2.2. Use arbitrage betting calculator

An arbitrage betting calculator will let you know if a particular sporting event has opportunities for arbitrage betting. Punters enter the odds on two or more wagers into the calculator including their stake. The arbitrage calculator then automatically divides your stake between the bets based on the odds entered. The expected payout shown will indicate the profits which will let a bettor know if an arbitrage bet is worth it. 

2.3. Compare odds between bookmakers manually

Yes, you can manually find opportunities for sports arbitrage betting. It might take longer than when using an arbitrage betting finder but it is quite possible. 

  1. To begin, pick a sport with many arbitrage opportunities like football. 
  2. Log into all the bookmarkers you have accounts with, in separate tabs. 
  3. Choose an upcoming match and find that page in all your bookmarkers. 
  4. Prepare a small table on your notepad where you list the bookmarker names and the possible outcomes in different columns. 
  5. Check if the odds of the second bookmarker beat the first bookmarker’s. Write down the better odds on a different row in the table. Ignore if the odds aren’t better. 
  6. Summarize the best odds for each outcome in the final row. 
  7. Take the best odds and enter them into an arbitrage calculator. 
  8. If the arbitrage calculator gives you a probability of less than 100% and a profit margin greater than 0% then you have an arbitrage opportunity. 
  9. Enter the amount you want to stake and use the stakes the arbitrage calculator recommends to place your bets. 

Alternatively, you can also watch out for line movement after placing your bets to see if there is an opportunity for arbitrage betting. Check for odd movements among specific sportsbooks by watching how changes are received in the betting world. You can place your bets in anticipation of line movement and if the opportunity arises, you win. 

2.4. Sportsbooks Promotions

You can also find arbitrage betting opportunities in sportsbook promotional offers which may boost odds for some outcomes. When sportsbooks send promotional offers, there is a maximum stake you can place in the event. You will find that there is also a lot of free money to be made in these offers. 

3. How to Calculate Your Profit From Arbitrage Betting

You can manually calculate your profits from arbitrage betting or use an arbitrage calculator. For manual calculation, the arbitrage betting formula will be as follows;

Profit = (Investment / Arbitrage %) – Investment. 

To get your profits using an arbitrage calculator, enter your odds into the calculator. Then enter your stake. The arbitrage calculator will show you how to split the stake between the odds and calculate your estimated profit. 

4. Tips for playing Arbitrage Bet Effectively

Open betting accounts with sportsbooks listed for sure bets. Make sure you have opened as many accounts as you can in different sportsbooks. Register for their bonuses to save some money on your first bets. Place your sure bets and start with small stakes as you get the idea of arbitrage betting. Casually increase your stakes as you make profits on your bets. Check for the maximum stake before placing your stakes to increase your returns. 

5. Strategies for Concealing Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is frowned upon by sportsbooks and once detected, they could ban your account. Below are ways you can mask your arbitrage betting;

  • Mixing up the sportsbooks you use - Consistent use of the same sportsbooks at a specific time might tip them off your arbitrage betting. Use different sportsbooks on different occasions and change the times you place your bets often. 
  • Round up your stakes - An arbitrage betting calculator will give you specific amounts to bet to the decimal. Some sportsbooks might be on the lookout for these sorts of bets since casual bettors are hardly placing such wagers. So round up your stakes often. It might lead to lower returns but it reduces the risk of your account getting banned. 
  • Don’t make your bets too big - Arbitrage betting offers about 5% ROI. To make more money, you will need to place higher stakes. However, such huge bets can be a red flag for a sportsbook on the outlook for arbitrage betting. 
  • Limit your deposits and withdrawals - Reduce the number of times you deposit and withdraw as it can be a tip-off for arbitrage betting. 
  • Keep your wager sizes consistent - Remember casual bettors are hardly varying the amounts they bet so keeping your bets consistent will help you hide your arbitrage betting better. 

6. Risks of Arbitrage Betting

Despite the lucrative odds and surety of profit-making, there are still some risks with arbitrage betting. 

  • Cancellation of bets - Though pretty rare, it can happen. This will change your arbitrage bet into a normal bet which increases the risks of losing money. You can reduce your losses by always betting small amounts.
  • Calculation mistakes - This can only happen with manual calculation. So if you can, try to always use an arbitrager calculator. 
  • Getting banned or limited - As mentioned before, sportsbooks don’t support arbitrage betting. If they notice you are participating, they can ban or limit your account. Follow the steps above on how to conceal your arbitrage betting. 
  • Odds move too quickly - arbitrage betting opportunities will be very brief. As the game continues, odds will move or change. So waiting on odds to secure an opportunity might be risky. Always move fast when the chance for arbitrage betting comes. 
  • Odds staying the same as you anticipate Line Movement - Since good odds for arbitrage betting are rare and tend to mostly occur with line movement, sometimes the odds don’t change. When you place your bet while waiting for line movement and the odds stay the same, you are likely to lose. 

7. FAQs

Q1: Is arbitrage betting illegal?

Arbitrage betting is not illegal but it is unacceptable by bookmarkers. They can cancel your bet which will ruin your arbitrage betting. 

Q2: How Do You Place an Arbitrage Bet?

Find differing odds on the same sporting events. These odds must be in different sportsbooks. Calculate the chances of an arbitrage bet and if it’s anything below 100% and your profits are greater than 0 then you have an opportunity. Use an arbitrage betting calculator or apply the arbitrage betting formula to determine how much stakes you should place and place your bet. 

Q3: Will You Get Banned for Arbitrage Betting?

Yes. Sportsbooks will ban or limit your account if they discover arbitrage betting.

Published: 17 April 2024 09:21
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